Organising a household can be challenging (even if this household consists of only 2 people). I couldn't be happier with the calendar in my iPhone - one less thing to carry around in my purse - but combining 2 digital calendars is a challenge. So I opted for a classic paper calender. In August. Yep, that search ended quickly.
Until - *brainwave* - I googled "printable calendar" and started my search. I found some great free printable calendars. Just print the calendar of your choice on some thick paper (like 200 g/m2) and you are ready to go. For some calendars, do not forget to adjust your printer settings/orientation to landscape for horizontal prints: some calendars are sized to fit US paper. Bind the pages together with a fold-back clip or attach them to a (cardboard) clipboard to make your calendar look extra nice (check out this clipboard from ikea).
And isn't is soothing to know that you can reprint any month should it become one big mess!
A printable calendar is also very useful when making a (city) trip: just scrabble and doodle away to create your very own planning.

While searching for a calendar, I also came across this cute birthday calender, which I - of course - printed in black and white, but the calendar is just as beautiful in full-colour (Birthday calendar from Liz Mosley).

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Calendar with boxes and plenty of space from Wee White Hoose.

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Simple but effective calendar from Landee

Photo credits:
Two clean options from kreavilla

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Clean and modern calendar from What Dan Did Next

Photo credits:
Clean, but just a little more girly, from  To Live Beautifully

Photo credits: Elske Leenstra
Beautiful calendar with inspirational quote, published monthly, from Elske Leenstra

In need of some more short-term planning? Check out these weekly to do lists from a pair of pears and a pair and a spare.
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