An organised closet

As I have mentioned before, I am a neat freak. I feel my best when organised. And as every organiser knows, proper organisation is in the details. And at times, those details get to me. One of those details was my collection of clothes hangers. Every hanger in my closet was unique, not to my liking. So one can imagine my excitement when the below arrived:

This excitement wasn't caused by the way they were piled in the box off course, but by the fact that they are all the same and SHINY! So I immediately got to work and look at the result:

Good(s) for less 
Clothes hangers can be bought anywhere - from Ikea to Hema. However, buying your clothes hangers at a department store can be really pricey. I bought mine at and am really satisfied with their service. Individual clothes hangers are priced €0,16 and up. Keep the following in mind when you shop for clothes hangers:
  • How much space do you have? Wooden clothes hangers take up a lot more space than their plastic equivalent. Since lack of space is at the top of my list of organisational problems, this was an easy decision to make.
  • Which items do you want to hang? Skirts and shirts off course require different clothes hangers, but women's versus men's shirts may require a different clothes hanger as well. Clothes hangers are available in many different widths and shapes. Grab a measuring tape and measure a clothes hanger that (on average) best suits your items. Since clothes hangers are sold individually at, you may want to decide to order a variety of clothes hangers if necessary - but in the same style off course

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