Welcome to Floor Anna and welcome to my first blog post! The incredible magic of firsts... Who doesn't remember their first day of school or uni, a first kiss, wearing a brand-new pair of shoes for the first time. In short, life is all about firsts. There is one special first I would like to share with you. Back in the day of little Floor, my mum always bought me a new and special outfit for my birthday. An outfit that would be displayed for several days (which felt like weeks) and which I could not wait to wear. I will never forget that magical feeling when I got to wear my outfit for the first time. I still get all jittery and excited when I am wearing something new, for which I am very grateful to my mum!

Floor Anna is a personal blog about fashion, home and lifestyle. Written by me, Floor, a 26-year-old Personal Assistant. 2 years ago I bought a one of a kind apartment in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I will write about everything I enjoy to do, love to wear and like to watch. Including my dreams, adventures and challenges. And should you wonder how I manage to do all these things - I will also give you a peek inside my secret life of bargain hunting.

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Floor Anna

Welcome to Floor Anna, a personal blog about fashion, home and lifestyle written by Floor (although official documents state Anna). A twentysomething Personal Assistant living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Some would say I am a couponer, I would argue I just like to get the most out of life.